We are experienced specialists ready to protect our clients’ interest at every level.

Contract Negotiation

We negotiate on behalf of our clients to provide the most lucrative contract agreement based on their individual career needs.

Marketing and Endorsements

We manage all endorsements and marketing materials to provide clients with the best representation of themselves.

Career Management

We provide financial and business counseling options for clients to better their focus on their professional athletic career. In addition, we provide a post – sports career consultation.

Draft & Pro-Day Preparation

We assist in preparing every client for pre-draft to take them to their fullest potential. This includes: showing up and competing in various ‘combines’, pro-days, and pre-draft screenings. Our practice is to provide a fierce approach that prepares clients for every phase of the drafting process.

Communications & Public Relations

We understand that true Longevity is achieved through properly communicating your message and leveraging the power of relationships to build upon that message and at LSE we have you covered every step of the way.

Post Sports Career Planning

The average NFL player goes bankrupt 2-3 years after exiting the NFL. At LSE we begin consultations for post sports career success and engaging our clients with CEOs and other resources as early as your rookie year to ensure that a plan is in place to ensure that you and your loved ones can obtain the long term success that you desire.